Utilizing IPDetails can positively impact your business by improving the effectiveness of online endeavors and applications, whether the goal is to automatically serve relevant t content based on a person’s geographic location, improve message reach and relevance through targeted online ads, geo-segment online audiences to improve the outcome of online marketing initiatives, or comply with the laws and regulations affecting geographic rights management. IP Intelligence gives you the ability to accomplish all this—and more.

Know the Location of user

One-size-fits-all content no longer cuts it in the global Internet medium. In the real world, retailers know where their customers are and stock shelves differently; present signs and conduct transactions in native languages; and show prices in the right currency. .

Content Localization

IPDetails allows you to customize website content, language, currency, products and promotions to create an instant connection with website visitors, reduce abandonment rates, and increase time evaluating products and services—all resulting in increased sales and revenue. .

Manage Country Rights

While controlled distribution of online content—be it digital music, movies, or software—can be a difficult task in the anonymous online world, it should, by no means, deter businesses from leveraging the power of the Internet to reach a global audience. .

Targeted Advertisement

Just knowing something as simple as a website visitor’s location is a crucial factor for success, and customers are increasingly demanding enhanced targeting of their online campaigns in order to reduce wasted impressions, increase click-through rates, and improve message reach by delivering relevant ads to specific audiences..

Spam Hits and Email Protection

Do not let your competitor hit your application to block you site for genuine users. Also secure your inbox from spam emails , which may some times lead to virus into your whole network. IP Details will warn you if an email has come from identified spam house.

Analytics Accuracy

By leveraging geographical and other IP Intelligence data within analytics packages, you can further segment and gain deeper insight into customer behavior—the true benchmark for critical assessment of the online channel. .

Unlimited Service Capabilities

IP Details can actually help improve the reach, relevance and response of online initiatives—all while respecting the user’s right to privacy. With IP Intelligence, you can perfect audience segmentation capabilities and targeting based on parameters including







Time Zone/

Zip/Postal Codes


How To Use

It only takes a few minutes to add location awareness to your application. Our API's uses Restful services which is supported by all major platforms. You can follow simple steps defined below or get the code from the detailed implementation page. You may also request for code integration from our technical team. We are just an email away.

1Sign up

You need to sign up on our platform with your company details.

2Confirm your Email

You need to confirm your email to receive credentials which needs to passed to use the Restful service.

3Start Using

That is it. You are good to use our location services.

For all the technical details on how to use the API in your application, please refer to our documentation page


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Get answers to your questions here or we are just an email away

IP Details is the product to let you know your user well. It provides the location of user without accessing their gps. It will also let you know the network provider the user is using. You can collate all of the information to serve better by localizing his content, provide him better deals etc.

You can purchase it from here. We will generate an unique login/password to allow you to download the database for one year after we have processed your order.

Our database covers 99 percent of all IP addresses that you will see, meaning that we allow you to target all countries, globally.

Yes. Generally, Internet traffic can be broken down by connectivity type into:

  • Wired PC-based traffic
  • WiFi-based mobile-device and PC traffic
  • Celltower-based mobile device traffic
Ip Details will be able to target all of the traffic. The accuracy radius is little high (10Miles - 500 miles) in case of third type of mobile traffic, but you should be able to get an idea where the user is from.

The technology is based purely on analyzing network infrastructure and non-personally identifiable IP addresses. IP Details never monitors individuals’ web behavior, no cookies are ever installed on users’ machines, and no personally identifiable information is ever collected or stored.

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