Steps to access the API

There are simple steps for using all the services through the API. First, create a profile through our application. Second, After successful login complete you company profile. Finally, use all the backend and frontend to know about your location through IP.

First Step you have to register yourself:


After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email id. Once you approved your registration with clicking on the given confirmation link, you can login into the application.

Second Step:

After successful login, register your company with all the details.Without registering your company, you will not be able to use invoice functionality and backend services.


Third Step:

After successful company registration, you can use all backend and frontend features of the application.

These features help you in getting details of the location, content localization, manage country rights, targeted advertisement, spam hits, email protection,and analytics accuracy. To know more, please visit :

Note: You can’t access these services without a Postman. As Postman lets you access REST web services.

You need authorization token to use this web service. If you don’t have token yet, you can use our given tokens to check the service features.


This request consists of two parts:

1. Set all the parameters

2. Authorization

URL: &username=& password=

Request Type :POST

Parameters :

grant_type = Password



Use the same username and password that you have created and used for application login earlier.

In the second part of request, you need to set up Authorization as :


Type: Basic Auth

Username : pie-trusted-client (constant value)

Password : pieinfosystems (constant value)

Don't forget to click on the Preview Request button.



Parameters :

Ip: your ip

Username: your username (please see your welcome email)

access_token:(you get as response in your previous request)

Fourth Step:Again move into UI(frontend):

If you want to send invoice to any other company who are using your knowmylocation service then you can use Create Invoice module:

Point to be remembered before creating invoice:

1)Add To Company by using company module in our application.

2)Choose any of the currency you want according to the country

3)You can add more items by using + sign.

4)Recurring feature is also there means the same invoice can send automatically after a month.

5)Features like invoice preview, download and direct email are also included.

Fifth Step:

Now we can enter received payment against the invoice we sent to the user and make records.